■Program Schedule


JHVS International Symposium

  • 【Date&Time】Oct.11(Thu.) 10:00〜11:50
  • 【Venue】Room F203-204, Annex Hall Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

Part 1

Open Innovation and Start-up Ventures: The Global State of Ventures

Opening remarks

Mr. Yasuhiro Suzuki (MHLW/Vice Minister for Health, Chief Medical and Global Health Officer)


  • Dr. Dan Wang (Head, Johnson & Johnson INNOVATION, Asia Pacific)
  • Dr. Amélia Viana (Associate Director, Discovery Research Coordination, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH)

Part 2

Establishing an Ecosystem for Medical Ventures

Introduction of initiatives by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to support ventures

Mr. Yasuo Iimura (MHLW / Health Policy Bureau, Economic Affairs Division, Venture Support Strategy Office / Director)

Panel Discussion


Dr. Syuji Honjo (Managing Director, Honjo International / Chairperson of the Council for Fostering Medical Ventures)


  • Mr. Yoshinori Ikeura (Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc. Chief Executive Officer & Chief Science Officer)
  • Mr. Jun Kusunoki (Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Director, New Ventures)
  • Ms. Shinobu Suzuki (Head, Research Beyond Borders Japan, Kobe Pharma Research Institute, Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd)
  • Ms. Yumiko Nishimura (Health2.0 Director-Japan)
  • Mr. Yasuo Iimura (MHLW / Health Policy Bureau, Economic Affairs Division, Venture Support Strategy Office / Director)

JHVS Opening Seminar 【In Japanese】

  • 【Date&Time】Oct.10(Wed.) 13:00〜14:00
  • 【Venue】JHVS Exhibition Hall Pacifico Yokohama

Bring innovation to patients. - Things we expect from startup businesses -

Mr. Akira Matsumoto (Representative Director RIZAPGROUP, Inc.)


Mr. Akihiko Soyama (President and Chief Executive Officer of LINK-J)

JHVS Exhibitor 90 sec. Elevator Pitch 【In Japanese】

  • 【Venue】JHVS Exhibition Hall Pacifico Yokohama

90-second pitch sessions by all Japan Healthcare Venture Summit exhibitors.

  • Oct.10 (Wed.) 11:45〜12:45
  • Oct.11 (Thu.) 12:00〜13:00
  • Oct.12 (Fri.) 10:30〜11:30

Pitch Sessions

  • 【Venue】JHVS Exhibition Hall Pacifico Yokohama

Presentation by venture companies aiming for the practical application of promising seeds.

This time, there will also be a focus on core clinical research hospitals and global ventures.

  • Oct.10(Wed.) 15:00~16:10
    Pitch Session - Exhibitors #1
  • Oct.11(Thu.) 13:20~14:30
    Pitch Session - Exhibitors #2
  • Oct.11(Thu.) 15:20~16:30
    Pitch Session - Core Clinical Research Hospitals
  • Oct.12(Fri.) 13:00~14:10
    Global Pitch Session

■Harbor Lounge

JHVS Meet up

Participants will exchange views with the panelists and network amongst themselves while having refreshments at the Harbor Lounge overlooking the ocean.

  • Oct.11(Thu.) 14:00~15:30  
    「Women × Healthcare」 【In Japanese】
  • Oct.11(Thu.) 15:45~17:15  
    「AI」 【In Japanese】
  • Oct.12(Fri.) 10:00~12:00  
    「Global」 【In English】

JHVS Harbor Seminars【In Japanese】

At the seminar on October 10 (Wednesday) specific policies will be discussed for better coordination with healthcare venture companies toward practical implementation of drug seeds, focusing on core hospitals that play a central role in clinical research and trials.

At the workshop on October 12 (Friday), participants will discuss the theme of the application of AI, etc. to healthcare, with the aim of reaching a common understanding.

  • Oct.10(Wed.) 14:00~15:30  
    “Core Clinical Research Hospitals” : Introduction of Their Role and 6 Locations
  • Oct.10(Wed.) 15:45~16:45  
    “Toward Practical Application of Drug Development Seeds”
  • Oct.12(Fri.) 13:00~16:00  
    Workshop “Medical Hackathon of the Future: AI, Robotics, VR/AR/MR and Medical Care”